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#1 Packman - Classic

291% Growth

Packman - Classic - The best free game on the google chrome apps pages

2,467 Users

#2 Learn to fly - Classic

270% Growth

Learn to fly - Classic - The best free game on the google chrome apps pages

2,812 Users

#3 Slenderman 2D Adventure (Slender 2D)

230% Growth

Versão 2D do jogo do Slenderman.

10,344 Users

#4 Pacman Canvas (Beta)

226% Growth

An old classic, rewritten in HTML5

1,716 Users

#5 Cooking And Baking Games

156% Growth

Cooking And Baking Games

3,398 Users

#6 Advanced Memories

154% Growth

Advanced Memory Game

781 Users

#7 Planet Commander

149% Growth

HTML5 Canvas Javascript Game - Conquer all the planets

1,278 Users

#8 Online Coloring Pages

147% Growth

Online printable coloring pages for kids

1,350 Users

#9 Metal Slug: Zombie Rampage

147% Growth

Play Metal Slug: Zombie Rampage

1,894 Users

#10 Motorbike Games 365

130% Growth

Play Motorcycle games online for free

1,733 Users

#11 Bomb it 5

128% Growth

In Bomb it 5 your task is simple. Blast all your opponents before they blast you!

1,618 Users

#12 Easter Bubble

124% Growth

Get ready for the Easter Holiday with Easter Bubble! A puzzle shooter game similar to Bubble Shooter with an Easter Holiday them

1,365 Users

#13 My Daily Sudoku

123% Growth

Sudoku puzzles online from Beginner to Expert level. Select a puzzle by difficulty level also includes a solver program and hint

1,265 Users

#14 Mafia Tornado

122% Growth

Mafia Tornado: View Mafia Wars player and family information.

1,748 Users

#15 ScummVM

118% Growth

Play Beneath a Steel Sky and Lure of the Temptress

1,436 Users

#16 Empire strike

117% Growth

Empire Strike es un juego de estrategia militar y civilización que te transporta a un mundo de fantasía donde controlas un imper

736 Users

#17 El Ahorcado

116% Growth

Sencillo juego basado en el ahorcado. ¡Adivina el número!

2,016 Users

#18 Google I/O 2013

115% Growth

Explore the experiment

10,431 Users

#19 Jacks or Better Video Poker

115% Growth

Jacks or Better free video poker game has all the fun of casino-style poker, but without the cost.

1,022 Users

#20 Biliardo Multiplayer

115% Growth

Il gioco del Biliardo italiano a palla 8/15, multiplayer online

986 Users

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