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#1 Wild Defense

109% Growth

Defend your village against the attackers. Put your warriors on strategical spots and wait for the attack.

650 Users

#2 Catch the Candy Xmas

108% Growth

Go ice-fishing, have snow-ball fights, slide around on the ice, move presents and more!

700 Users

#3 Color by Numbers - Animals

107% Growth

A great-looking and easy-to-play coloring game about birds and animals

813 Users

#4 Stunt Dirt Bike

106% Growth

Stunt Dirt Bike is a fun flash game where you choose between diffrent vehicles to traverse through various obstacles

597 Users

#5 Operation Triplane Mission to Norden

106% Growth

You are a triplane pilot during WWI on a very important mission.

965 Users

#6 Ben10 Gadgets 2

105% Growth

Again Ben 10 is back with new adventures.

860 Users

#7 Army Of Ages

105% Growth

An awsome tower defense game for killing time.

1,317 Users

#8 Who

105% Growth

The source persons: Programming languages version :-)

1,127 Users

#9 Shift Heads - Cartels Act 2

105% Growth

Vinnie and the team will get a surprise visit from a returning clan.

534 Users

#10 Mobil 1 Racing Academy

105% Growth

Fly through lush environments and all kinds of race tracks!

857 Users

#11 FlashToPass Math Flash Cards

104% Growth

FlashToPass Math Flash Cards electronically recreates the math flash cards used in Elementary School to master math facts.

2,553 Users

#12 BeGone

104% Growth

Browser game based on online multiplayer shooting game developed by"Full of adventure and action you need to

533 Users

#13 Solitaire

104% Growth

Play the solitaire card game

1,806 Users

#14 Flash-Doom 2D

104% Growth

A fast-paced classic jump n shoot platform game tribute.

1,073 Users

#15 Ice Hockey 3D

104% Growth

Take your team to victory against some of the meanest competition available in this fast-paced aggressive Ice Hockey game.

1,662 Users

#16 McDonalds Game

104% Growth

Making money like McDonald"s is not simple at all! Behind every sandwich there is a complex process you must learn to manage.

772 Users

#17 Police Quest I

104% Growth

Police Quest I

530 Users

#18 Wonder Snake

104% Growth

A new take on the classic "Snake" game

1,037 Users

#19 Downtown Drift 3D

103% Growth

Put your pedal to the metal and master the art of the drift.

862 Users

#20 Table Tennis Championship

103% Growth

Try to win the table tennis championship.

1,057 Users

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