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#1 RC Mini Racers

111% Growth

Race with your mini racecar and beat all your opponents. Use rockets or mines to get the others off the road.

951 Users

#2 Educational Games - Ear at Duckie Deck

108% Growth

The game helps to understand what a sound is, how itís possible that we can hear things, what the inside of an ear looks like.

639 Users

#3 Tank Trouble

108% Growth

The Tank Trouble Game For 2 Players!

545 Users

#4 Cactus McCoy 2

107% Growth

Cactus McCoy 2 is back bigger and better than ever! 12 new stages, 75 weapons, hidden treasures and a whole lot of enemies!

656 Users

#5 Shamrock Solitiare

107% Growth

Shamrock Solitaire is a solitaire card game similar to Cruel or La Belle Lucie. It's a pile based solitaire card game where you

3,005 Users

#6 N3rd Boy

107% Growth

A vertical speedrun platformer featuring the random giggling guy.

5,949 Users

#7 Hungry PIPI (Elimination Game)

107% Growth

Hungry PIPI , the most relaxing elimination game in the history. Based on Cocos2d-HTML5 game engine

43,049 Users

#8 Starship

107% Growth

Starship is a classic-style shoot'em up in which you control a small boat which dreams about exploring the stars.

1,322 Users

#9 Rundroid

106% Growth

Help Rundroid to escape!

1,329 Users

#10 American Football Pro Kicker

106% Growth

If you like American Football this sports game is for you. Play and Enjoy.

626 Users

#11 Manyland

106% Growth

Welcome to Manyland, an open universe we invent and live together!

11,265 Users

#12 3D Dungeon Creator (Test)

106% Growth

Create 3D Dungeons.

3,657 Users

#13 Space Ark @

106% Growth

3D space puzzle adventure!

1,032 Users

#14 Desktop Tower Defense

106% Growth

Defend your base and shoot down air and ground targets.

1,311 Users

#15 Max Dirt Bike 3

106% Growth

Part 3 of one of the most popular and addicting dirt bike games of all time.

862 Users

#16 3D motocross

106% Growth

Play and download free online racing games at Enjoy playing car games, bike games, truck games and many more racing games for fr

2,475 Users

#17 Kingdom Rush Frontiers

105% Growth

Defend your Kingdom against the forces of evil in this awesome sequel of the epic tower defense game!

62,408 Users

#18 TU-95 - Pilot the Plane!

105% Growth

Learn how to fly and maneuver the plane!

23,714 Users

#19 Super Ubie Land LITE

105% Growth

Help Ubie fix his spaceship, defeat Dr. Terrestrial, and return safely to his home planet!

2,563 Users

#20 One Man Band

105% Growth

Create tunes by stacking instruments on the back of Mr. Hack bracket, and build your own One Man Band contraption!

1,233 Users

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