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#1 River Raider

109% Growth

In River Raider you travel upriver raiding enemy bases and defeating your enemy using a variety of weapons.

618 Users

#2 Match 10

108% Growth

Find rewarding brain fitness exercises and loads of fun in a new puzzle Match-10!

914 Users

#3 N3rd Boy

108% Growth

A vertical speedrun platformer featuring the random giggling guy.

1,672 Users

#4 Iron Force

108% Growth

Iron Force, war of tanks, battlefield tanks, world at arms strategy game

718 Users

#5 Siege Hero Viking Vengeance

108% Growth

Point your mouse and hit with a stone to ruin the building and kill all the Vikings.

1,000 Users

#6 Underworld

107% Growth

Underworld a RPG fantasy social game. Step in this virtual world and become be toughest warrior a true RPG fantasy adventure.

621 Users

#7 Valentine coloring game

107% Growth

Valentine coloring, choose a colour and have fun!

639 Users

#8 Orcs Attack

107% Growth

Wreak havoc on the innocent and unsuspecting creatures!

588 Users

#9 Candy Crush

106% Growth

Candy Crush is an upcoming first-person puzzle video game

6,190 Users

#10 Silkroad Mahjong Puzzle

106% Growth

Silkroad Mahjong is a puzzle game based on the classic chinese game. The goal is to remove all paired free blocks from the board

993 Users


106% Growth

This is NOT just another Tetris clone, this is BLOCK and its really addictive

558 Users

#12 On The Run - The Getaway

106% Growth

On The Run is back with a brand new installment, ON THE RUN THE GETAWAY.

1,491 Users

#13 Cat Around Europe 2

105% Growth

Our cat is going around the world, now, it travels around Europe. Help him get the food in each country so it will never be hung

966 Users

#14 Block Puzzle

105% Growth

BlockPuzzle is a cross plataform game.Complete each unique puzzle by fitting the different shaped blocks into the grid correctly

781 Users

#15 Campfire Legends - The Babysitter

105% Growth

Discover the hair-raising tale of a frightening night in the life of a babysitter in this Hidden Object thriller!

541 Users

#16 Math A Doodle Doo Games

105% Growth

Math A Doodle Doo Games: Timed and Practice Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Roman Numerals

1,323 Users

#17 Rogue Soul

105% Growth

Excellent HD action platform Game! This is the latest great game for you to play with all your family

1,287 Users

#18 Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack

105% Growth

This time Papa Louie will not cook in the kitchen, but will be jumping around!

718 Users

#19 Thanksgiving Word Search

105% Growth

New Thanksgiving themed word search puzzle. The puzzle is randomly generated from a list of Thanksgiving related words. You ca

940 Users

#20 Talking tom cat game

105% Growth

Responsive to what you do and what you say again that allows you to play with a cat Talking Tom, a free and fun game.

941 Users

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