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#1 Angry Birds Go

108% Growth

Angry Birds Go! is the kart racing adventure that started the loveable cast of that super addictive puzzle birds pigs series...

3,687 Users

#2 Motocross Nitro

108% Growth

Motocross racing nitro attend. Carefully drive motor in the obstacle course and finish the race first.

2,698 Users

#3 Survivor of Zombies Forest

107% Growth

3D running game, Avoid the zombies in the forest and to be the survivor.

892 Users

#4 Candy Crush

106% Growth

Candy Crush is an upcoming first-person puzzle video game

858 Users

#5 Baby Games

105% Growth

Cool and Funny Baby Games For Babies....

680 Users

#6 Downhill Jam

105% Growth

Ride your skateboard down the busy streets of the city avoiding obstacles and collecting bonus on your way.

2,763 Users

#7 Firefly Bottle

104% Growth

Catch as many pixies as you can before dawn breaks! Approach the pixies carefully or they?Æll escape.

799 Users

#8 Angry Birds Rio Web Game

104% Growth

An Angry Birds Rio Web Game on chrome store for kids

1,082 Users

#9 3D Air Attack

104% Growth

Strike Fighters attack! Cold war air-to-ground combat game on the go.

563 Users

#10 Crazy Birds

104% Growth

The funniest games of birds blaster,use your mouse aim and shoot as many birds as possible.

686 Users

#11 Lego-Star-WarsIII

104% Growth

LEGO Star Wars fans as well as a place-based Unity 3D brings 3D Star Wars Lego game is a fun game. Game Anakin...

1,241 Users

#12 SportBike Sprint

104% Growth

Sportbike Sprint is an exciting motorcycle racing game where you drift and go on a wheel. Show off your skills in this Unity 3D

12,164 Users

#13 Street Speed Racer

104% Growth

Street speed racer is a racing games. try to stay on the racing track!

2,924 Users

#14 Fast Five 3D Movie Game

103% Growth

Play online Fast and Furious 5 game Fast Five in 3D

1,464 Users

#15 Power Rangers Super Megaforce Legacy

103% Growth

Choose your ranger and go through the city, destroying the cyborgs and releasing peaceful inhabitants.

1,584 Users

#16 Walking Dead Zone 2

103% Growth

Walking dead is beginning new. Our hero will be in very very dangerous adventtures. You have to kill all zombies if you want to.

1,808 Users

#17 Ben10 Hills Ride

103% Growth

Choose your favorite Ben10 character and win the race and unlock new levels.

903 Users

#18 Air Attack

103% Growth

Shoot down all enemy planes using your mouse and burn them down to ashes.

15,971 Users


103% Growth

Fish for compliments from your friends by fixing Sara s twist on the classic taco. Follow her instructions, working quickly for.

1,366 Users

#20 Bubble Shooter

103% Growth

We have collected all of the best bubble shooter games. Enjoy the explosive fun!

1,193 Users

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