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#1 Triple Mahjong

103% Growth

Combine 3 of the same Mahjong Tiles to remove them from the playing field

787 Users

#2 Untangle Me

103% Growth

Simple logic game which make your brain hurt

652 Users

#3 Prince Of Persia

103% Growth

Prince Of Persia play for free

804 Users

#4 Robots Are People Too

103% Growth

A challenging and exhilarating two-player platformer. Winner of 'Most Fun' in Mozilla Game On 2010!

535 Users

#5 PokeEdit

103% Growth

Hercules G. Papatheodorou's Pokemon Stat Editor! I didn't make this

552 Users

#6 Ben10 Gadgets 2

102% Growth

Again Ben 10 is back with new adventures.

885 Users

#7 Mahjong Connect

102% Growth

This is a different style of mahjongg, where you need to match two tiles by connecting them with a pathway.

1,224 Users

#8 FreeCell Solitaire

102% Growth

Play FreeCell Solitaire. Simple gameplay, nice graphics, infinite undos.

820 Users

#9 Puzzle Pirates

102% Growth

Puzzle and Pillage - Earn yer Fortune!

2,361 Users

#10 Puzzle Games from Big Fish Games

102% Growth

Play Puzzle Games Free Online

3,063 Users

#11 10,000

102% Growth

Ten Thousand dice rolling casual game similar to Farkle featuring hot-seat multi-player, 2D physics and themes.

1,627 Users

#12 Virtual Pups Dog Game

102% Growth

The best virtual dog game - breed, train and compete!

992 Users

#13 Powder

102% Growth

A 2D powder based sandbox physics game.

596 Users

#14 Terra Monsters

102% Growth

Embark on your own journey as a Terra Rancher andjoin the massively multiplayer world of Terrarium! Catch, Battle and Explore!

930 Users

#15 11vs11 Social Football

102% Growth

Become a player or coach,cooperatewith your teammates and play live matches against teams with users from all over the world!

2,118 Users

#16 Go Fish

102% Growth

The classic cardgame Go Fish.Not much to say here. Just watch what the other players are asking for so you can know what cards t

1,097 Users

#17 Galaxy Online II

102% Growth

Galaxy - Best free Sci-fi browser game of 2011

1,795 Users

#18 Gomoku for Chrome

102% Growth

Gomoku, Gobang, Five in a Row for Chrome Browsers.

809 Users

#19 Whist Card Game

102% Growth

The classic cardgame Whist.After a round is finished the score is calculated. The tricks of each team are counted, and they get

818 Users

#20 5-Min Adventure

102% Growth

Simple text adventure that only takes 5-minutes to complete.

827 Users

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