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10/18 to 10/21

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#1 Candy Crush

127% Growth

Candy Crush is an upcoming first-person puzzle video game

5,123 Users

#2 N3rd Boy

124% Growth

A vertical speedrun platformer featuring the random giggling guy.

1,257 Users


122% Growth

The cute angry bird and her friends are playing the classic pushing ice hockey game. Go play it and remember to act quickly!...

987 Users

#4 Talking tom cat game

121% Growth

Responsive to what you do and what you say again that allows you to play with a cat Talking Tom, a free and fun game.

810 Users

#5 Motocross Nitro

114% Growth

Motocross racing nitro attend. Carefully drive motor in the obstacle course and finish the race first.

8,608 Users

#6 Flow Free

113% Growth

Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle in Flow Free.

3,300 Users


112% Growth

1. Join the brand-new Kula of BOSS Ignis 2. Update the serpent Kula 3. Correction red scene of Iori Yagami 4. Most of the role..

928 Users

#8 Miami Shark

111% Growth

The Miami Shark is very dangerous! Eat everything you come across, even in the air!

708 Users

#9 Lego Star Wars 2

110% Growth

Select one of the Jedi and Sith characters. Race against the attack of the robots in the galaxy and destroy them all our lives.

1,323 Users

#10 Rugby Try

110% Growth

The most simple and addicting rugby game for Chrome! Simply drag your man between the defenders until you score.

591 Users

#11 Battle for Slugterra

109% Growth

Eli Geebet discover the caverns and channels of the underworld, fights lots of opponents, and gathers new slugs on the way

1,022 Users

#12 Candy Crush Web Game

108% Growth

An Candy Crush Web Game on chrome store

1,158 Users

#13 Shopping Cart Hero

108% Growth

Here you will see the 3 coolest versions of Shopping Cart Hero... I believe the Shopping cart hero 3 is the best one

967 Users

#14 Solitaire Games

108% Growth

We have collected different kinds of soltaire games on this web site for card game lovers. You can play them online.

4,811 Users


108% Growth

Join Scooby Doo and his friends in a race to save their lives. A huge and fierce bear him relentlessly pursuing the road of...

672 Users

#16 Jets of War

107% Growth

Jets of War Games,War Games,3D Games

710 Users

#17 Downhill Jam

107% Growth

Ride your skateboard down the busy streets of the city avoiding obstacles and collecting bonus on your way.

5,188 Users

#18 Learn multiplication - Times Ninja Adventure

107% Growth

Learn the times tables playing a fun adventure game

1,443 Users

#19 Walking Dead Zone 2

107% Growth

Walking dead is beginning new. Our hero will be in very very dangerous adventtures. You have to kill all zombies if you want to.

3,457 Users

#20 3D Flight Sim

107% Growth

The newly designed and tested simulation fly the plane.

604 Users

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